Risk 2 Solution are leaders in integrated risk solutions. Our group of companies are proud innovators in the risk management world, we help our clients to turn Risk 2 Opportunity by developing Organisational Risk Intelligence. Our integrated service streams provide for the very best Risk Intelligence, Culture and Management, Safety, Security, Medical, Consulting, Intelligence and Education solutions to help our clients achieve and maintain Dynamic Risk Equilibrium.
We offer customised solutions for clients and our unique turnkey Business Contract Management Outsourcing solution enables us to provide holistic, integrated solutions that address multiple risks or focused solutions that address a specific area.
Our flexibility and innovative solutions have made us the preferred provider for 100’s of clients from diverse sectors, including top tier corporations, governments, NGO’s and individuals at risk. We partner with our clients to enable them to focus on their core business while we take care of the rest by protecting people, assets and operations – whilst driving organisational performance.



Consulting 100%
Risk Intelligence 100%
Safety Training 100%
Medical Solutions 100%
Security Training and Solutions 100%
Intelligence Solutions 100%
Education Services 100%


Through our integrated services, we have provided 1000’s of clients with Medical Solutions, Emergency Management, Specialised Security Training for both the public and private sector, Safety Training for both the public and private sector, Cultural Change projects, High Level Consulting, Integrated Hard Risk Management, Risk Intelligence projects, collaborated with the Australian Catholic University to design, develop and deliver the first-of-its-kind Graduate Certificate in the Psychology of Risk and much more.

Clients Serviced

We have provided our integrated service offerings to large blue chip organisations, government departments, private companies, schools, churches, Jewish synagogues and individuals. Our clients have always received the highest levels of service and we’ve been given great reviews on performance.

Group training and skill development business education concept with many diverse hands holding a bunch of gears transferring the wheels to a human head made of cogs as a symbol of acquiring the tools for team learning.
People Trained

Whether it’s Safety or Security training, R2S is able to provide for both Nationally Accredited training and courses as well as non-accredited training and courses. We are training specialists in the fields of safety and security and have trained 1000’s of people across Australia as well as Internationally in both the private and public sectors. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to training.

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Projects Completed

We have worked on 100’s of projects that we have successfully delivered for, and on behalf of our clients. The R2S team is made up of a dynamic group of people from various backgrounds that range from Integrated Risk Management Specialists through to Project Management and Behavioural Science Specialists. Our unique, diverse and innovative team ensures that we cater to client’s requirements and exceed set expectations.


Our history dates back to the mid-1990s where our oldest group member company (Safety and Rescue Australia) began offering tailor made safety training and consulting solutions. Our security division commenced operations in 2001 (Dynamic Alternatives) and has operated in over 30 countries to date. Risk 2 Solution (R2S) was founded in 2012 and was born out of desire to mitigate the “silo affect” that businesses today, have created within their organisations. These silos are often well intended and created to ensure more efficient processes and procedures but have instead become more complex and complicated. As a result of this, many issues may arise including that of unnecessary costs and increased risk exposure as well as communication breakdown between departments in an organisation etc.

Our in-depth knowledge of Hard Risk, safety, security, emergency response, medical support and proactive health integrated with pour unique risk intelligence, behavioural science and cultural change offerings, provides our clients with a true integrated risk capability without the massive expenses of having all of these capabilities in-house. Our leadership team combines decades of experience in managing these issues gained from successes in some of the most challenging environments globally.

We work with clients to help them Protect What Counts and specialise in managing risks, threats and hazards associated with operating in any scenario, including remote, hostile or complex environments so that our clients can focus on their core business.

The R2S team is led by Dr Gavriel Schneider who is the CEO and a founding partner of R2S. The rest of the team is made up of highly experienced and qualified, innovative and dynamic individuals including, Behavioural Scientists, Emergency Response Professionals, Marketing Specialists, Project Managers, Specialist Security Consultants, Specialist Safety Trainers, Integrated Risk Management Professionals and many more. For more information on the team, click the below button.

We have had the privilege of working with: