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Risk 2 Solution is a diverse Group of companies with a proven track record of providing industry leading, professional services and operational solutions. We specialise in practical risk management-based service delivery in the areas of Integrated and Practical Risk Management, Medical, Aged Care, Technology, Security and Training.

Risk 2 Solution’s Group mission is to Protect What Counts, from individuals to groups, to business continuity and assets, and everything in between.

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Latest Projects

Through our integrated services, we have provided 1000’s of clients with Medical Solutions, Emergency Management, Specialised Security Training for both the public and private sector, Safety Training for both the public and private sector, Cultural Change projects, High Level Consulting, Integrated Hard Risk Management, Risk Intelligence projects, collaborated with the Australian Catholic University to design, develop and deliver the first-of-its-kind Graduate Certificate in the Psychology of Risk and much more.

Client Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Focus Areas Risk, Security, Safety and emergency planning

Project Summary A suite of varied services was provided for Sanctuary Cove events focused on the boat show but applicable to several events. The services included the following: risk assessments, security risk assessments, compilation of security risk plans, compilation of holistic integrated emergency response and Safety management plans.

Outcome Client was able to maintain currency and effectiveness of their critical risk and response processes and have three years of incident free events.

Client QLD Government Department of State Development

Focus Areas Special Projects Unit

Project Summary We have held the contract to serve as the Risk Advisor and Peer Reviewer for the CEO of the Special Projects Unit within the QLD Government Department of State Development. The key projects we have been involved with in this role have been the Queens Wharf project as well as the potential integrated rest developments in Cairns and on the Gold Coast. Our ongoing role is to provide risk expert opinion and support for the CEO to enhance his decision-making.

Outcome Ongoing advisory and decision-making support on high consequence and complex issues.

Client Rockingham City Council

Focus Areas Risk system analysis and strategy advisory

Project Summary Rockingham City Council developed a new risk system and strategy but were struggling with the uptake and roll-out of the system. We provided consulting, advisory, mentoring services, as well as consultation with the CEO and senior leadership. Several key leverage and change areas were identified, and action strategies were provided to the client. These actions were implemented and were highly successful in getting traction with the risk system and overall risk culture.

Outcome Client was able to gain buy-in from leaders and staff around the risk process and system and achieved significant uptake after implementing our recommendations.

Client Glencore

Focus Areas Bulga site – Strategic advisory for emerging issues and risks

Project Summary Bulga site is a mature site with a well-established process for developing an annual charter with metrics in place. The client brief was to assist the senior management team to think more strategically and identify a 3 to 5-year picture and adjust planning accordingly. This was achieved in a series of workshops which combined education, current-state analysis and future-state forecasting mapped back to designed outcomes.

Outcome Client was able to realign their focus and modify their charter and action plan to look longer term than 1 year.

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Group Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee are responsible for overseeing the management decisions, operations and day-to-day running of our departments and brands.

Dr Gavriel Schneider
Dr Gavriel SchneiderChief Executive Officer
Dr Schneider is an acknowledged subject matter expert on Integrated Risk Management, Safety and Security with extensive, senior level management and leadership experience. He has conducted numerous high-level consulting and advisory projects, as well as two decades of Specialised Security, Safety, and Risk Management experience in over 17 countries. He was the first Recipient of a Doctor of Criminology Degree with a Specialisation in Security Management.
Brett Ferguson
Brett FergusonDirector
With over 30 years served as a state government Paramedic and in tactical medicine, Brett brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the R2S group. Brett has been recognised and awarded for National and International, actual and simulation incidents and scenarios, rescue deployments and disaster relief. Brett is a clinical specialist who is passionate about providing quality medical support into remote and challenging locations and has performed significant numbers of medical interventions over 30 + years.
Nicole Sofianos
Nicole SofianosChief Operating Officer
Nicole is a highly experienced strategy and behaviour consultant, specialising in communications. She holds two masters degrees (MBA and Masters of Marketing) both with high distinction, and applies the same level of expertise and professionalism to all her work. Nicole has worked across a range of industries, including government, law, finance, and security and risk management, and has led numerous projects from inception to completion.


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