Marina Mito
Support Officer

About Marina – Graduate consultant in Leadership and Management

Marina holds a double degree with second-class honours from the Australian National University (ANU) in International Relations and Environments and Sustainability, specializing in human ecology (the interaction between humans and their social and physical environments). She has held the Communications Director role for the Youth National Security Strategy, Asia Pacific Week (under the Coral Bell School, ANU), and for the Australian Journal of Social Issues.

Marina’s academic background looks at stake holdership consultation practices and the interaction between individual and state level governance. This stems from her enthusiasm for working with diverse groups of people towards finding ways to increase execution via sustainable and ethical practices. Her studies in leadership and management look to advising all levels of an organisation on efficiency based on best practices linked to strong culture and group cohesion.

  • Graduate Diploma of International Relations
  • Graduate Diploma of Environments and Sustainability
  • Enrolled in a Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB50420)
  • Enrolled in a Deltar Level 6 Diploma in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management

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