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Why Reskilling to Tech Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution for 2021

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to think about what we want to accomplish in the next year. 2020 has been tough and had a significant impact, sometimes not a positive one, on many people’s lives. Many people lost their jobs and others, who have been put on long unpaid vacation by their

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What Does It Take to be Job-Ready in Tech?

With rising unemployment and so many candidates competing for available jobs, employability is a key factor. Competition is tight and employers are looking for new employees that would hit the ground running and create value on the job with as little training as possible. Employers also realize there isn’t necessarily a correlation between having

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The 6 Soft Skills Needed to Land a Tech Job

Last year, LinkedIn released its annual Global Talent Trends report, which explores the four big trends fueling the future of the workplace. Topping the list? Soft skills. Employers look for job-ready candidates and that means candidates who have an impeccable combination of both ‘hard skills’ like programming knowledge, hands-on experience, and ‘soft skills’. As

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Project-Based Training Trumps Certification Every Time

The global tech skills shortage has created a situation where millions of unfilled tech positions are waiting to be filled by qualified individuals. According to the IMF, by 2030, the global tech skills shortage will reach 85 million and represent a staggering $8.5 trillion in lost revenue each year. All this means that lucrative

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Decoding VUCA: Asking the Right Questions

The term ‘VUCA’ has been used increasingly to describe the environment in which organisations operate today. VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. It is true that today’s world is vastly different to that of a few years ago, or even last year’s world. It’s also true that given technological development, artificial intelligence,

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Assertive Courtesy: A 21st Century Technique for Managing Conflict

I’m sure at some stage in our lives, we’ve all been told that we need to “stand up for ourselves” and not let anyone push us around. Likewise, we’ve all likely been told to be polite, choose our battles or “go with the flow.” In the field of verbal self-defence (alternatively called conflict management,

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The New Risk Paradigm: Insure and Invest

Our world is more dynamic, fast-paced and interconnected than at any other time in human history. Artificial intelligence, automation, social media, global warming, civil unrest and pandemics are all things that we, as a society, now deal with on a daily basis. In such a VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – environment,

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Developing your intuition in a world of distraction

Intuition is an interesting concept. It’s something nearly all of us acknowledge the existence of. If you’re a spiritual person you might call it psychic, or a word from God, energy of the universe, etcetera. If you’re more of a scientifically minded sceptic, you might explain it through the lens of the reticular activating

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The Future of Security Risk Management

How do you approach risk in your team and organisation? Do you look at risks in different areas of the organisation as separate, or are you busting silos and looking at risk holistically? Do you have an understanding of where security risk fits into the bigger corporate picture? If these questions are relevant to

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