Kate is a behavioural scientist and coach, who specialises in social and emotional intelligence and rational thinking. Kate heads up Risk 2 Solution’s: People, Culture and Behavioural change division. For the last decade Kate has delivered game-changing consultancy services to individuals and organisations facing complexity. Her postgraduate education includes qualifications in psychology, risk management and occupational health and safety.
Kate is also an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society. Kate is a lecturer on ACU’s innovative Postgraduate Psychology of Risk Program. Her inspiration comes from understanding ‘how you think determines how you behave and it is your behaviour that produces the results you experience’.
To take an in-depth look at employee engagement within the Clients business and move towards a safety intelligent culture that is people focused, where interaction is the norm.
ELKA Ascent brings the unique duality of researched knowledge in human and organisational psychology along with successful practical application and extensive experience in working with people development at an individual, team and organisational level. Our methodology is based on psychology backed with traditional organisational dimensions of systems and structures. It delivers a process that codifies four distinct and interdependent elements (Eco, Logic, Kinesis & Aptitude) that allows any person or organisation to operate to their full potential.
The benefit is based on the biology by which people interact with each other and organisations in the formation of cultures. Our purpose is to provide a tool and framework for committed leaders to instigate lasting, people-based change in their workforce.

What if you were creating a constructive culture instead of defending a destructive one. Engagement is two-way. Organisations must work to engage the employee, who in turn has a choice about the level of engagement to offer the employer.

Imagine a process measuring and managing the engagement climate between each tier in your organisational structure. Imagine a system that establishes the preconditions for a high-functioning two-way relationship between leaders, managers, and employees; where challenges can be met, communications flow and goals achieved.

The ELKA system is a three-part process, commencing with an advanced diagnostic that identify gaps and/or blockages in the organisation, translates that into a bench marked systematic solution designed to strengthen the weakness and dissolve the blockages, followed up with reporting on measurable benchmarks and recommended succession plan.

  • We solve the PEOPLE problems in the organisation
  • We enhance the PEOPLE performance in your team
  • We decode your PEOPLE behavior and development

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