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Risk 2 Solution currently has 6 main service streams specialising in Risk Management and Solutions, Safety, Security, Medical Solutions, Intelligence and Education Services


R2S Consulting specialises in Risk Consulting and integration solutions as well as incorporating our signature S.A.F.E.R model and includes our cutting edge Risk Intelligence solutions as well as our unique, turnkey Business Contract Management Outsourcing (BCMO) solution. R2S Consulting endeavours to change the way clients manage risk


R2S Safety is headed up by Safety and Rescue Australia (SRA) which is our internal Registered Training Organisation (RTO #4785). SRA has been providing world class safety training solutions to the mining, construction, oil & gas and marine industries for over 2 decades

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R2S Security is headed up by Dynamic Alternatives (DAS), currently a Federal Government Approved Supplier for specialist security training. DAS has provided innovative, security solutions to clients for over a decade and includes a highly qualified and experienced team


R2S Intelligence is delivered via our internal intelligence company, R2S Intelligence, who are focused on empowering our clients via the provision of technology, analysis and integrated solutions. We assist you to make significantly better risk and security related decisions by providing the most insightful, actionable intelligence available. R2S-Int is led by Mark Carrick, who is one of Australia’s most experienced counter-terrorism practitioners. He offers more than 20 years of law enforcement experience that includes crisis management and response, general policing, witness protection, close personal protection, crime management, change management, and ultimately counter-terrorism intelligence.


R2S Education provides clients with various education solutions. We can train and build anything in our areas of expertise from safety related courses through to Graduate Diplomas. Through our internal RTO, Safety and Rescue Australia (RTO #4785) and our strategic partnerships with Asset Training (RTO #31718) and the Australian Catholic University, we are able to provide you with the very best of integrated education services.


R2S Medical is headed up by Atlas Medical, a leading provider of medical solutions, offering domestic and international medical retrievals and onsite health care to various resource industries for many years. Atlas specialises in providing qualified paramedics, nurses, doctors, health related training programmes and telemedicine, as well as pioneering education programs such as Mental Health First Aid

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We cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them 'A. Einstein'

We strive for innovation in all of our services, to currency in the ever changing climates of various industries. We do this by offering clients unique solutions, tailored to suit client’s specific requirements and budgets. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.

A dynamic economy begins with a good education 'Bob Taft'

We believe that a dynamic approach to anything related to security, safety, emergency response, risk management, medical solutions, education and consulting services is critical. At R2S we strive to offer dynamic solutions to our clients that are unique and tailored to ensure every detail of our offering, is adding value to our clients.

Greatness is won, not awarded 'Guy Kawasaki'

We pride ourselves on “going the extra mile” for our clients and ensure that our solutions and services offered, maximise efficiency in every aspect. We ensure that we offer world class solutions in a cost effective way and work with our clients, throughout the lifecycle of a project, to ensure expectations are met and exceeded

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