The Future of Security Risk Management

How do you approach risk in your team and organisation? Do you look at risks in different areas of the organisation as separate, or are you busting silos and looking at risk holistically? Do you have an understanding of where security risk fits into the bigger corporate picture? If these questions are relevant to you, then read more to find out how you can move forward!

Dr Richard Diston has over 20 years’ experience in various PhysSec and InfoSec positions, as well as a doctorate in security risk management.

Dr Diston makes the bold statement that he believes risk management is broken. He explains in detail why he believes there is much to be desired with many old risk models, why they are still being used, and how we can move forward to a better way of managing risk. There are some key takeaways that all risk managers can take on!


Author Details

Ron has a 15-year, award-winning track record in management, specializing in project and change management, systems implementation, E-Learning development, and education and training across multiple sectors.

Ron has a powerful academic background having achieved The Faculty of Business & Law’s Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching at Edith Cowan University. In addition, Ron has also established an international reputation as an expert on self defence and regularly teaches civilians, law enforcement, corrections and military personnel and units in Australia and several other countries.

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