R2S Consulting is a boutique consultancy provider, providing niche solutions specializing in the management of risk and the development of resilient people and organisations. R2S Consulting is our specialised, risk management division and a leading innovator and turnkey, risk management services provider. R2S Consulting draws on a diverse consulting team of subject matter experts, change management specialists, legal experts, leading academics and trainers. 


Our innovative approaches to risk management have been acknowledged as best practice by companies such as Anglo American and recognized by leading academic institutions such as the Australian Catholic University (ACU). Our consultants have conducted risk management solutions and training services to thousands of participants worldwide. In addition to this extensive transport, infrastructure governmental risk and training experience, we are currently conducting numerous activities for government agencies such as DFAT, DIBP, DHS and local governments.

The evolving field of Hard Risk Services which includes, security, safety, emergency response & medical issues is complex & cumbersome to manage. The traditional solutions have been centered on manpower deployment but in recent years have evolved to include technological solution & hybrid approaches. The core gap lies in the fact that there isn’t an integrated Hard Risk Management solution in the global market place. The fundamental reality is that there truly is not a risk based, integrated technology and people centric solution for the manner in which organisations manage their hard risk exposure. 


R2S are leaders in the development of Risk Intelligence. What is Risk Intelligence?

After spending 100’s of hours looking into the psychology of risk, how it works and what makes people do what they do and make the decisions they make, the core finding is that much like emotional intelligence, risk intelligence is an attribute and skill that needs to be nurtured and developed. The starting point is to look at some key definitions and then integrate and define what Risk  Intelligence actually is. 

We believe that Risk Intelligence can be defined as per the following…


Analyzing current and emerging issues and trends, facilitating best practice for the development of Personal and Organisational resilience is core business for us. Our Resilience Training incorporates the very best elements from our off-the-shelf products and combines it to form a robust, tailored and informative education program that will help clients enhance organisational resilience. Our training can be tailored to suit your requirements and budget. We endeavor to liaise with our clients on the design and development of a customised Resilience Training program, to ensure it fits their policies and procedures and overall culture.


D-Risk Scoping is a facilitator led outcome scoping process, designed and developed by leading academics, business leaders and risk professionals. It is based on a few core drivers: 

If you don’t know where you want to be, how do you plot a course to get there, the pathway needs to be perceived before it can be achieved. Individual and organisational approaches need to be integrated. Live time mindfulness and sense making need to be in-built. If you don’t forecast the likely risks and obstacles and realign your goals and objectives in a practical way, you may not achieve your goals or you may even fail to launch. We need to view risk as an opportunity and an enabler to achieve our objectives and find the balance between being too cautious (risk averse / risk paralysed) and too willing to try anything (risk seeking / risk reckless).


We strive to help clients achieve dynamic Risk Equilibrium (as per the attached Article) by applying a unique cultural and behavioural measurement approach aligned with tried and tested cultural change methodology. We also offer a wide range or supporting activities in this space including: 1 on 1 mentoring, Group mentoring, Ongoing Consultation and Workshops.

We are also proud to partner with The Australian Catholic University to deliver the one of kind Postgraduate Certificate in the Psychology of Risk: please click here for more information: https://goo.gl/Eyu6dw 

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