R2S Intelligence is delivered via our internal intelligence company, R2S Intelligence, who are focused on empowering our clients via the provision of technology, analysis and integrated solutions. We assist you to make significantly better risk and security related decisions by providing the most insightful, actionable intelligence available. R2S-Int is led by Mark Carrick, who is one of Australia’s most experienced, counter-terrorism practitioners. He offers more than 20 years of law enforcement experience that includes crisis management and response, general policing, witness protection, close personal protection, crime management, change management, and ultimately counter-terrorism intelligence. Mark has a unique combination of Operational experience in some of the most intense, operational environments, and the appropriate, business qualifications and experience, Mark holds an MBA from the University of Sydney, is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company directors where he delivers guidance and workshops on Crisis Management for board level and senior executives.  Mark applies his unique Intelligence expertise to business problems and delivers contextual and proportional solutions designed to enhance the value and growth trajectory of organisations.

Through our unique partnership with Thales, we are able to offer cutting edge, open source intelligence (OSINT) services that truly enable a proactive approach to identify potential issues, risks and threats as early as possible and enable our clients to have effective, decision making capabilities and better deploy resources.


R2S Consulting are leaders in the development of Risk Intelligence. What is Risk Intelligence?

After spending 100’s of hours looking into the psychology of risk, how it works and what makes people do what they do and make the decisions they make, the core finding is that much like emotional intelligence, risk intelligence is an attribute and skill that needs to be nurtured and developed. The starting point is to look at some key definitions and then integrate and define what Risk  Intelligence actually is. 

We believe that Risk Intelligence can be defined as per the following…





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