Electrotek is a proud member of the R2S group of companies and is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions in Aged Care Centres, Primary and Allied Health facilities, Day Hospitals, Surgeries, Cancer Centres and the Industry sector, across Australia and beyond.
In addition to COVID E Location options, Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT), Integration of Emergency Call Systems and bespoke Engineered Design Solutions, our exceptional design engineers and highly skilled operational and support team work together to provide quality solutions and develop long-standing relationships with our Customers.
Outstanding solutions include:
Electrotek’s strength in bringing people and technology together, sees them constantly researching engineering and sourcing products to introduce or meet their customers’ needs to deliver a tailor-made and often unique solution.
Audits & Business Analysis

Don’t know what you don’t know or need understanding of what you have and want to do? Our Business Analyst will do a thorough audit and review of what you have and the outcomes you are wanting to achieve. You will then receive a report that will provide the recommended solutions to put you in control of your business technology for the short, mid and long term.


When building from the ground up Electrotek provides the expertise to provide the most suitable products and solutions. Successfully partnering with builders, electricians and consultants, our collaborative approach realises the best outcome.

Bespoke Designs

No two systems are alike, and a cookie-cutter solution may not be a fitting outcome. Our Business Analyst, Engineer and Technical Specialists will partner with you and design and engineer your best solution.


Stuck with a system you do not want to destroy (and possibly lose money) – this is where our strength lies. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers will analyse the existing system, find or design a suitable match or use the product of your choosing, and seamlessly integrate the systems for your best outcome.

For further information and support, please call or email Electrotek directly.