R2S Technology was created to address the growing demand for cyber and related products and services from existing clients within the group, as well as significant external demand. To this end R2S Tech has a diverse range of highly innovative offerings, ranging from smart Emotional Risk Intelligence software, to drone security, telemedicine, VR training, smart structures and specialised cyber training.
R2S Technology strength in bringing people and technology together, sees them constantly researching engineering and sourcing products to introduce or meet their customers’ needs to deliver a tailor-made and often unique solution.
R2S Technology are excited to roll out a range of new offerings in the second half of 2021 including:
Specialised Cyber Tech training

Business Intelligence Software Solutions

Emotional Risk Intelligence Management

Drone monitoring

Electronic security products & services

VR training for safety, security & emergency response

For further information and support, please call or email R2S Technology directly.