R2S Violence Prevention is Australia’s leading workplace violence prevention practice, and the only provider on the market offering truly integrated solutions to the complex problem of violent behaviour. We understand that workplace violence isn’t just a security problem, a safety problem or a HR problem.
Workplace violence is a societal, organisational and human problem. 

Our comprehensive solutions include:

  • Organisational culture change 
  • Risk intelligence, risk appetite and risk tolerance workshops for responsible persons 
  • Creation of policy, procedure and governance frameworks 
  • Workplace violence risk assessments and QA audits 
  • Guidance on psychosocial risk and psychosocial risk measurement tools 
  • Risk-based training solutions including: 
    • Conflict management & personal safety 
    • General security & safety awareness 
    • Verbal de-escalation
    • Stressful situation response  
    • Armed robbery management 
    • Active armed offender management 
    • Travel safety and hostile environment awareness training 
    • Basic self-defence 
    • Operational safety for enforcement officers (including equipment – batons, handcuffs, sprays) 
    • Restrictive practices training for clinical and non-clinical environments 
    • Restraint harm minimisation training 
    • Training customised for industry – including healthcare, education, public  transport, aviation, local government, resource sector, human services/social work, and more 
  • Security risk assessments 
  • Workplace design and CPTED assistance  
  • Security guarding 
  • Executive protection and residential security 
  • On-site and/or embedded medical personnel 
  • Threat management, intelligence and investigation services 
  • Post-incident investigation, debriefing, lessons-learned and monitoring services 
  • And more…

Issues we can assist with:

Customer/Patient Aggression
Bullying & Harassment
Insider Threats
Domestic & Family Violence
Issue Motivated Groups
Fixated Persons
Criminal Actors

eLearning Solutions

General Safety and Security Awareness

Aggressive Behaviour Management (ABM)

Active Armed Offender Management (AAOM)


Dr Gav Schneider

Group CEO
Principal Consultant

Joe Saunders

National Practice Lead
Workplace Violence Specialist

Dr Paul Johnson

Senior Risk Consultant
Behavioural Scientist

Nicole Sofianos

Group General Manager
Communications Specialist

Ron Amram

West Coast Practice Lead
Education Design Specialist

Jason Alcorn

R2S Security General Manager
Investigations & Intelligence Specialist

How can we help you "Protect What Counts?"

If you would like to book a no-obligation chat to see how we may be able to assist you with keeping your staff safe from workplace and occupational violence, please reach out below.