Securing Our Critical Infrastructure 

Why the Security of Critical Infrastructure Has Never Been More Important

The purpose of this paper is to consolidate the application of the crucial considerations for securing Critical Infrastructure (CI). The paper aims to provide context, background, and insights to assist and guide asset owners and operators, solutions providers and other stakeholders – not just why the security of critical infrastructure is important, but what aspects need to be considered to achieve it.

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Thanks to the following parties for their support and contributions to this paper:

  • Department of Home Affairs
  • Institute of Strategic Risk Management
  • Risk 2 Solution Group
  • Nexar Group
  • Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL)
  • Axio Global, Inc. | Axio360
  • Rezilens
  • Deep Recognition
  • Protective Security Advisory


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About the Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC)

The Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC) was founded in 2006 to provide a collaborative approach to the study and discussion of international, national and local security – from an Australian perspective. Since its inception, the ASRC has worked to achieve this via the facilitation of conferences, including the annual “Protective Security in Government Conference” series; issue-specific congresses; authoring and editing papers and publications; and by conducting and promoting research across a number of areas.

Recent papers such as Occupational Violence, Aggression and Duty of Care in Australia – Research Report and Security 2025 – A Roadmap for the Future showcase just a couple of the Centre’s research outputs.

Securing Australia’s critical infrastructure
has never been more important or more
challenging. With the significant technological
advancements over the past twenty years, as
well as the current geo-political landscape, the
protection of critical infrastructure is one of our
most important priorities.
Hamish Hansford, Head - Cyber and Infrastructure Security Centre, Department of Home Affairs