A Time to Reflect

This Australia Day, we want to take the time to reflect on the origins of Risk 2 Solution (R2S) as a company, but also on the founder and his journey.  

Dr Gav Schneider has been the CEO of the R2S Group since its  inception in 2008 in Australia when establishing the first R2S Australian business. The group stemmed from his original company, Dynamic Alternatives, based in South Africa, making Gav’s executive leadership tenure nearly 20 years.   

The move from Johannesburg to Brisbane effectively reset the company. It was this move that enabled Gav’s professional growth and thought leadership to blossom. Originally moving to Australia to take advantage of a scholarship to complete his PhD, Gav was drawn to the culture of Brisbane and decided this is where he would like to relocate to raise his family.  

Leaving the violence, crime and high adrenaline of operating a security-focussed business operating in over twenty African and southeast Asian locations, Gav was able to step back from immediate life-threatening problems and, instead, see where he could apply his knowledge to benefit business and individuals in his new community.  

The company is now widely regarded as Australia’s leading integrated risk management services provider. Under the Executive Committee’s leadership, there are now 13 business entities forming the Risk 2  Solution Group.  

One of the leading reasons for expansion is the successful delivery of Gav’s brainchild, Presilience®. In an article in The Australian, the concept of Presilience® was referred to as “the biggest opportunity Australia has ever had to get ourselves back on a highly competitive platform”. This unique service offering has transformed the culture in many corporate entities and areas of government which drives high output, quality leadership and effective communication and decision-making.   

For the past six years, Gav has also served as Program Director and Senior Lecturer for Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) Postgraduate Program in the Psychology of Risk. Dr Schneider is passionately involved in mentoring many of his university graduates, including senior executives in multi-billion-dollar companies and senior personnel in government departments, throughout their careers. His mentoring has helped a number of his former students develop, grow, achieve and pursue advancement and promotions within their fields.  

Gav also runs a side business as a Martial Arts Instructor – to date he has schools under him in Brisbane, Perth and three in South Africa teaching people of all ages how to embody the true warrior spirit with an emphasis on core values such as honour, discipline and respect. 

Risk 2 Solution, as a company and as a team, have come a long way since the establishment in Australia. We are looking forward to achieving even bigger and better things in the years to come.