Gary Sanderfield
State Manager NSW/ACT

Gary is a highly experienced risk and leadership specialist with over 20 years of experience in operational risk, enterprise risk management and organisational redesign. His focus has been in the Higher Education industry but has included international business, governance, and human centric performance. Gary has held executive level roles in Sales, Operations and Special Projects and has worked in 24 countries. This complex multicultural experience along with a history of business turnaround success based on redesign, cultural change and implementation has given him a unique perspective on risk management. Gary has worked in NASDAQ Traded, private, and government organizations and has carried Secret to Top Secret security clearances in both his military career and in his civilian roles. Gary uses his vast experience in strategy development, continuous improvement, finance management, governance, and risk management to seek dynamic risk equilibrium. Gary has a healthy appetite for reasonable risk and as a result has maintained an average of 50%+ revenue growth in each role that he has held. This substantial growth is also accompanied with decreased staff attrition, decreased debt, increased customer retention, decreased risk, and improved upside risk. Gary’s success in organisational redesign stems from his belief that “We don’t need superstars on the team, we need the right number of people in the right roles, and they are all doing their job.”

Before beginning his career in management and executive leadership, Gary spent three years as a Combat Medic in the U.S. ARMY and then spent the next 6 years working in a Coronary Intensive Care unit and Level 1 Trauma Centre. The lessons learned during these years that make up his business persona include staying calm under pressure, decisive decision making, teamwork, effective communication, discipline, attention to detail, and leadership. In addition to Gary’s practical experiences, he holds a Graduate Certificate in Psychology of Risk, MBA, and Bachelor Business Administration.

Gary is an Aussie/American and has lived in Sydney for 7 years. Gary played Rugby Union for 20 years in the US. He played Strong Side Flanker/Wing Forward and Lock from time to time. He was so addicted to the game that I would play with my team on Saturdays and then travel the states on Sunday finding matches with other friendly teams.

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