On behalf of the entire team at Risk 2 Solution, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your participation in the recent “SoCI 2024: Where Are We Now?” webinar. Your engagement and insightful questions greatly contributed to the depth and success of our discussion.

The webinar, featuring esteemed speakers Hamish Hansford, Dr Gav Schneider, and Leanne Close, delved into the evolving landscape of critical infrastructure security, the importance of a holistic approach to risk management, and the innovative concept of Presilience®. We explored the pivotal role of collaboration and partnership in strengthening our defences against the myriad of threats our critical infrastructure faces today.

In our commitment to fostering a culture of security and resilience, we understand the importance of actionable insights and tailored solutions. To this end, we invite you to take the next step in securing your organisation’s future.

Don’t miss our next webinar, “SoCI 2024: Where to From Here?” scheduled for Wednesday, May 8, 2024, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (AEST). This session promises to build on our previous discussions, guiding you through the next steps in enhancing your critical infrastructure security. Join the LinkedIn event here and register here to secure your spot.

Your participation in “SoCI 2024: Where Are We Now?” signifies your commitment to not just meeting compliance requirements but to leading in the area of critical infrastructure security. Let’s continue this journey together, moving from awareness to action, and from resilience to Presilience®.

Thank you once again for your valuable participation. We look forward to the opportunity to connect with you further and to assist in enhancing your security posture.