Recap of the “Active Attacks: What We Must Do Now” Webinar

Events – Risk 2 Solution Group | Published 18 April 2024

In an insightful and urgent response to recent violent incidents in Sydney, Risk 2 Solution successfully hosted a webinar titled “Active Attacks: What We Must Do Now” on 17 April 2024. The virtual event, moderated by Joe Saunders, brought together top experts in security and public safety to discuss proactive measures and responses to active attack scenarios.

The panel featured Dr Gav Schneider, CEO of Risk 2 Solution Group; Leanne Close APM, former Deputy Commissioner for National Security at the Australian Federal Police; and Dr David Bartlett, criminologist at Griffith University. These experts provided valuable insights into the multifaceted causes of such violence, the critical need for comprehensive training for security personnel, and the influence of social media on public perception and misinformation.

Key highlights from the webinar included:

  • The importance of understanding the motivations behind lone actors and the broader societal impacts of violence.
  • The critical role of continuous, comprehensive training to enhance the skills and preparedness of security personnel in public spaces.
  • A call for responsible information dissemination and reliance on verified sources to counteract misinformation and prevent desensitisation to violence.

Risk 2 Solution is committed to fostering community resilience and enhancing public safety through educational initiatives. As part of this commitment, we encourage all interested individuals and organisations to view the recording of this pivotal webinar, available below.

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Dr Gav Schneider’s book, “Can I See Your Hands,” was spotlighted during the webinar as an essential guide to personal safety, situational awareness, and personal security. Additionally, Joe Saunders’ upcoming book, “Protecting the Faith: A Handbook for Securing Australian Churches,” is set to be released at the end of the month.

We also invite you to reach out to Dave Cohen, our Head of Solutions Integration, to discuss how Risk 2 Solution can support your organisation in navigating the complexities of violence prevention and security: [email protected].

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