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Active Armed Offender Management Training (AAOMT)

Prepare yourself and your organisation for the unexpected with our comprehensive training courses designed to handle the most critical situations. Our AAOMT program offers specialised training with an introduction to key strategies such as Escape, Hide, Tell (EHT), and Run, Hide, Fight & Communicate (RHFC), tailored to empower individuals and teams when facing active armed threats.

What You’ll Learn

Understanding Active Armed Offenders:

Learn the characteristics of active armed offenders and the typical dynamics of their attacks. Our training includes analysing incidents that unfold quickly and often in populated environments, providing you with the knowledge to recognise and react effectively.

Situational Awareness:

Develop the ability to quickly assess situations, make prompt decisions, and establish effective communication lines. Our training enhances your skills in interpreting events and coordinating with law enforcement and emergency responders.

Personal Awareness Concepts:

From baselining the norm in your environment to recognising the physical signs of intuition, our course covers essential personal awareness techniques that heighten your ability to detect and respond to abnormalities

Strategic Response Training:

Engage in detailed scenario-based training where you will learn and practice the Run, Hide, Fight, and Communicate strategy. Our sessions focus on practical, realistic actions you can take to safeguard yourself and others during an active armed event.

Risk and Threat Management

Understand the concepts of risk and threat as defined by global standards and learn how to apply these in evaluating and mitigating potential dangers in your surroundings.

Defence in Depth:

Explore our multi-layered security approach which includes deterrence, detection, delay, and responsive strategies to create a comprehensive defence against potential threats.


Realistic and Practical Solutions:

Grounded in the latest security protocols and insights from authorities like the ANZCTC and ISO standards, our training provides practical, actionable knowledge.

Enhanced Preparedness:

Equip yourself with the skills to not just survive, but effectively manage and mitigate situations involving armed offenders.

Empowerment Through Education: 

Our training goes beyond theoretical knowledge, offering hands-on strategies and confidence-building techniques that can be applied in real-world scenarios.

Who Will Benefit?

This course is indispensable for corporate teams, security personnel, event organisers, educational institutions, and any individual who wishes to enhance their preparedness for potential security threats.

Protect yourself. Protect others.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Enhance your ability to act swiftly and effectively in emergency situations – register and start learning today.



The title of this book: CAN I SEE YOUR HANDS refers to one of the key outcomes of this book– being able to tell whether or not people want to cause us harm. To put it very simply, if you can see someone’s hands and they are not concealing them, holding a weapon or positioning to strike you, one’s levels of trust and confidence can increase. This simple example can serve as a reminder to all of us in many of the complex moments we have to deal with, and difficult decisions we have to make, in everyday life.


To practice one’s faith without fear of hostility, harm or harassment.

In an age where safeguarding the sanctity of faith communities is more topical than ever, Protecting the Faith emerges as a vital resource for church leaders across Australia. Authored by a seasoned security professional with a profound dedication to both protection and faith, this handbook is tailored to equip churches with the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure the safety of their staff, volunteers, congregants, and assets.

With a keen understanding that many churches lack dedicated security expertise, this book serves as a comprehensive guide for the layperson seeking practical insights into safeguarding their religious community. From fortifying physical structures to securing financial resources and navigating legal obligations, Protecting the Faith addresses crucial topics such as risk assessment, budget allocation, and technology integration with clarity and precision.

Grounded in both professional experience and personal faith, the handbook offers a unique perspective on aligning security measures with the principles of stewardship and care. Designed to be accessible to church leaders, pastors, volunteers, and facilities managers alike, Protecting the Faith is written to accommodate those with zero security experience, offering actionable insights that can be readily applied within any religious setting.