Thank you for joining us for the “SoCI 2024: Where to From Here?” webinar. It was a pleasure to host such a dynamic group, eager to delve into the complexities of Security of Critical Infrastructure (SoCI).

In this webinar, we focused on the integration of various security domains, addressing the crucial aspects of personnel, physical, and cyber security. Our expert panel, including Joe Saunders, Dr Paul Johnston, Dan du Plessis, Sean Finn, facilitated by Dave Cohen, shared their extensive knowledge and practical insights.

The key theme emphasised by our speakers was the critical importance of a human-centric approach to security across various domains. Joe highlighted the need to always consider the human interface—how individuals are likely to interact with security measures, either as users or potential threats. He stressed that overlooking human factors can lead to significant security oversights, metaphorically describing it as ‘mopping up our tears with $100 notes.’ Dr Johnston mentioned the importance of integrating policies and procedures in a way that fosters a positive security culture within the organisation. This involves using risk management tools not just for compliance but as part of a broader strategy to enhance organisational culture and efficacy. Dan emphasised the necessity of integrating all security components to create a cohesive system where physical and protective security solutions work in harmony, driven by continuous engagement and education of all stakeholders involved. Sean underlined the importance of visibility and ownership in cybersecurity. He emphasised the need to know the ‘cyber train’ of an organisation—understanding what systems are in place, who owns them, and ensuring these owners are accountable and informed about their responsibilities.

Overall, the discussion drove home the point that effective security is not just about technology and systems, but critically about the people who interact with these systems and the culture that supports their operations.

Your participation in “SoCI 2024: Where to From Here?” signifies your commitment to not just meeting compliance requirements but to leading in the area of critical infrastructure security. Let’s continue this journey together, moving from awareness to action, and from resilience to Presilience®.

Thank you once again for your valuable participation. We look forward to the opportunity to connect with you further and to assist in enhancing your security posture.