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Presilience CISO Services: Unlock the Future of Cybersecurity for Your Business

Don’t just be resilient, be Presilient. A new paradigm in cybersecurity strategy and advisory services.

Are you a small to mid-sized enterprise struggling with cybersecurity?

  • Unsure how to meet Australia’s Essential 8 requirements?

  • Need dedicated, 1:1 guidance for robust cybersecurity planning?

  • Looking for a partner who understands SME complexities?

Why Choose Presilience?

Our seasoned security leaders offer tailored strategies to suit the specific needs of small to mid-sized enterprises.

Note: Our services are strategic/advisory. We recommend having an executive sponsor and project manager for effective implementation.

Meet Our Head CISO

Carlota Sage

Decades of Experience, a Pioneer in Cybersecurity

Carlota brings nearly two decades of experience in IT and Support Operations from high-tech enterprises to the cybersecurity landscape.

What Carlota Brings to Your Organisation:

🏆 Innovative Leadership: Carlota transitioned to becoming a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) and has since empowered over a dozen organisations with fewer than 500 employees to build resilient cybersecurity and compliance programs.

📈 Security Health Model: Created to bridge the gap between cybersecurity teams and the C-Suite, this revolutionary model is now an industry standard, adopted by CISOs, vCISOs, and vCISO services alike.

🌐 Industry Advocacy: Carlota is an active board advisor for the Diana Initiative, championing inclusivity in cybersecurity. She also mentors and instructs through platforms such as Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu,, and Security BSides organisations.

With Carlota leading the way, we offer not just cybersecurity services, but a pathway to a secure and inclusive digital future.

Unlock the Future of Cybersecurity for Your Business

Our Specialised CISO Service Offerings

  • Budget-Friendly Cybersecurity: Ideal for SMEs looking for cost-effective guidance on Australia’s Essential 8.

  • Expert Leadership: Benefit from the experience of a security leader specialised in SMEs.

  • Exclusive Access: Use the Rezilens Platform for vulnerability assessment and Essential 8 management.

  • Ongoing Support: Monthly webinars and open office hours for a year.

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  • Dedicated Guidance: 1:1 consultations with security experts to build a comprehensive cybersecurity program.
  • Technical & Business Leadership: Monthly advice for business and technical leaders. Monthly advice for business and technical leaders.

  • Board Updates: Yearly briefings to your Board.

  • Holistic Security Review: Yearly health checks and cyber insurance review.

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  • Tailored Cybersecurity: Customised guidance based on your organisation’s complexity.

  • Strategic Roadmap: 12-18 month plan for tech and culture development.

  • Quarterly Board Updates: Stay ahead with quarterly briefings.

  • Comprehensive Audits: Yearly checks, risk assessments, and Incident Response training.

  • Compliance Support: Internal and external audits for frameworks like ISO 27001.

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  • Leader Mentoring: Shape the future security or governance leader in your organisation.

  • Culture Development: Realign your security team’s or organisation’s culture.

  • Interim Leadership: Interim CISO or CIO services for continuity.

  • Compliance Recovery: Get back on track with compliance audits.

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