Building good risk management practices means building individual decision-making from the ground up, and giving members of our organisation the awareness and knowledge to make better decisions in their personal and family life first. This will, without a doubt, reflect in better decision-making at work. You can read more about this here and here.

Following from COVID-19 and other events this year that have seen businesses face unprecedented, unlikely, and/or devastating changes, many have been left wondering – why did our standard operating procedures, pandemic plans, etc., did not prepare us for what happened? And how do we get back to pre-COVID (or other shock) level of operations?

Firstly, the question should not be how to get back to pre-shock levels, but rather how to come back better and outperform your previous self.

Secondly, a siloed approach of assurance and compliance often results in not taking action unless its legislated and enforced. The assumption is that as long this is mostly built into system processes, that it’s going to be ‘business as usual’. Which may work fine providing business remains as usual. The problem is that the current environment is anything but usual, and that’s likely to continue and increase, rather than return to the previous status quo.

We must shift our focus to a proactive mindset that enables us to develop plans that can be executed are not purely ceremonial.

And how can we achieve that?

Well, there are numerous elements to cover, but here are a few key pointers to get you thinking:

  1. We need to build and develop a unified sense of purpose across the organisation
  2. We need to understand how people make decisions, and help people understand how they make decisions, as well as develop critical thinking.
  3. We must use effective and directive communications.
  4. We need to understand how our personal, work and online life intersect, and be able to regulate our behaviour to create separation when needed.
  5. We need to adopt an approach where technology supports, speeds up and enables enhanced decision making.
  6. We need to educate on personal safety and instil a sense of ownership so that people feel responsible for, and are proactive about, their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? No.

But it IS possible, and the rewards from doing so are tremendous. You will propel you business, people and culture forward in leaps and bounds!

Pick up the phone and call us or send us an email. Risk 2 Solution are here to assist you and your team learn how to be Presilient® and make better decisions, both at an individual level and for your organisation.