Cyber Presilience® – The Human-Centric Approach to Cyber Security

An engaged workforce is undoubtedly the strongest layer in a cyber defence strategy. In the battle of usability vs security, usability will always win, unless the individual 'why' is connected to the organisational 'why'.

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Mind Your NQRs – Arming Your Intuition with Non-Judgmental Observation

Mind Your NQRs - Arming Your Intuition with Non-Judgmental ObservationAny violence prevention instructor worth their salt knows that personal safety begins with situational awareness. And while it’s great to acknowledge that people should be aware of their surroundings, it doesn’t help much if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be looking for or what

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What is Security Culture? by Colin Pecats

It’s security. It’s culture. It’s the vibe, and uh, that’s it, it’s the vibe! ‘We have such a great culture at our office.’ are words which could mean so many different things to different people. When “culture” takes on different meanings to different people, cultural change becomes highly prone to failure. If nobody bothers

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R2S at the Protective Security in Government Conference

Risk 2 Solution were delighted to again be part of the Protective Security in Government conference, organised and hosted by the Australian Security Research Centre in Canberra, ACT.Group CEO Dr Gav Schneider had the honour of being named course convenor, while R2S Aggression Management Lead Joe Saunders delivered a presentation on the research project into

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R2S Academy Top 3 Finalist in OSPA and ASIAL Awards 2019

Risk 2 Solution are proud and humbled to make the final three for both an Outstanding Security Performance Award (OSPA) and the ASIAL Award for Excellence this year. While we didn’t leave with the hardware this time, it was tremendous to share the room with so many professionals striving to deliver quality outcomes to customers

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