ISJ Influencers 2022 – Dr Gavriel Schneider, Group CEO & Principal Consultant, Risk 2 Solution Group

ISJ Influencers 2022 - Dr Gavriel Schneider, Group CEO & Principal Consultant, Risk 2 Solution Group Source: Before sharing the likely security industry trends for 2022, it is important to consider the key developments which have impacted us over the last few years – the largest, without doubt being COVID-19 and the impacts of

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R2S Violence Prevention featured in The Australian – Occupational Violence Looms as New Threat

Recently, our very own Dr Gav Schneider and Joe Saunders were interviewed by leading journalist, Ticky Fullerton, for a story in The Australian. The interview focused on rapid escalation of occupational violence and aggression currently being experienced in Australia, and the expert solutions offered by R2S Violence Prevention. For non-subscribers, a PDF copy of the

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Risk 2 Solution Has Been Named On the 2021 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies List

Risk 2 Solution has been named on the 2021 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies List  Risk 2 Solution was honoured to be recognised as one of Australia and New Zealand’s Most Innovative Companies. The prestigious annual list, published by The Australian Financial Review and Boss Magazine, is based on a rigorous assessment process managed by

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Winner! Joe Saunders wins Outstanding Security Consultant of the Year!

At Risk 2 Solution (R2S) we love to celebrate the wins of both our team and clients, and we’re so excited to share with you another win coming hot on the heels of R2S being named one of the AFRBoss Top 10 Most Innovative Professional Services Companies in Australia. Congratulations Joe Saunders, Risk 2 Solution's

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Creating Fantastic Digital Experiences: The Job Role of UI/UX Designers

Ever wondered how social networks and apps such as Facebook, Netflix, and TikTok make us addicted? You can thank UI/UX Designers for that. Imagine it’s the end of a long workday. Your brain is mush and all you want to do is spend the remainder of the night on your phone or watching TV.

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Managing Aggression in Customer Service Roles

In this blog post, our Occupational Violence & Aggression Practise Lead, Joe Saunders, shares a recent personal experience in a retail environment. *** “What the *** are you talking about! I need this! I wouldn’t bloody be here waiting in line for 20 minutes like a ****ing idiot if I had already got it!

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Why Reskilling to Tech Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution for 2021

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to think about what we want to accomplish in the next year. 2020 has been tough and had a significant impact, sometimes not a positive one, on many people’s lives. Many people lost their jobs and others, who have been put on long unpaid vacation by their

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What Does It Take to be Job-Ready in Tech?

With rising unemployment and so many candidates competing for available jobs, employability is a key factor. Competition is tight and employers are looking for new employees that would hit the ground running and create value on the job with as little training as possible. Employers also realize there isn’t necessarily a correlation between having

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The 6 Soft Skills Needed to Land a Tech Job

Last year, LinkedIn released its annual Global Talent Trends report, which explores the four big trends fueling the future of the workplace. Topping the list? Soft skills. Employers look for job-ready candidates and that means candidates who have an impeccable combination of both ‘hard skills’ like programming knowledge, hands-on experience, and ‘soft skills’. As

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